Day One of the WPC

Wow what a start to the week, not really knowing what to expect was all part of the fun.

I started my adventure at 7am by having breakfast with a couple of chaps that joined my table who also made out they were green Microsoft conference goers and willingly I opened up moaning that it took me 15 minutes to navigate through the concrete jungle to the conference centre.

We parted 30 or so minutes later after having a really good conversation, insulting him several times asking him where in England he was from, Obviously from Devon (I could tell).  I made my way up to the third floor where i had chosen to start my conference tour with the SMB team.

All was going really, several Microsoft speakers had been on an then the next speaker was introduced as Peter Hilary, We started clapping and a man I  instantly recognized as the man I had, been having breakfast with earlier ( remembering in a flash I had been moaning I had taken me 15 minutes to get from my hotel to the conference centre, and I had insulted him several times asking him where in England he was from), only to find this man Peter Hilary had spent most of his life climbing Everest (Twice).  I will point out at this stage I’m sitting in the front row.  sweating like a pig in a really cold room!  but he was funny and interesting, and wow what a life he has lead, just wish he had introduced himself before i went off on one.

I went to pot in the afternoon, not knowing where to go, bumped into several Microsoft bod’s who I may be able to network with the future, that work in the hosting game.

Wow what a first day, Who can I insult tomorrow?

Is Bill or Steve there I’m sure ill have something that I want to get off my chest lol

Outside one of the rooms           Inside in the afternoon

Couple of product that you need to look out for (Especially if your a partner)

SMB support companies should look out for is the RC1 of SBS 2008 release tomorrow, looks interesting, some great licensing benefits.

And the second is PIN POINT – a told to locate qualified partners in your area, and more (watch this space only gets release for beta tomorrow……

And the last this the new buzz word for Microsoft seems to be SaaS– look it up but I’m glad I’m in the right arena.

Lookout for day 2


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