‘GlobalNames’ Zone, A DNS Feature in Server 2008

Ive not blogged for a while so i thought i would pick a topic that not many people are talking about…….DNS

Many Microsoft customers are still using WINS in their corporate networks. WINS is often used as a secondary name resolution protocol for NetBIOS. 
WINS uses NetBIOS Over TCP/IP (NBT) for name resolution.  Businesses still use WINS because they like having the static names for their enterprise servers.

Microsoft have designed GlobalNames Zone (GNZ) to provide the same functionality as WINS. This is a step taken by Microsoft to retire WINS completely.  GNZ provides DNS support for single-label name lookups for important legacy servers. This gives bussnesses a chance to remove the WINS servers from their networks and move to a DNS-only environment.

Microsoft has changed the name resolution behavior in Windows Server 2008 DNS, enabling DNS Server to perform NetBIOS name lookups in the GNZ zone first.

To create GNZ:

GNZ is a type of Forward Lookup Zone. There are two requirements:

1> On your DNS server create a zone called "GlobalNames" 

2> To enable the DNS Server to perform lookups in the GNZ zone run this command (As the Administrator),

     Dnscmd /config /enableglobalnamessupport 1

    Bellow is the expected result once ran:     

The above command will turn the new feature on.  The GlobalNames lookup will fail if you don’t run the above command, even if you have created the GlobalName zone.



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