Move DNS from one Server to another


 A Realy simple procedure but i thought while i was looking at DNS i would write it up.


1.    Setup DNS on the ‘target’ server, the server you are moving the zone(s) onto.

2.    Update / notify whoever operates the parent DNS servers that delegate authority for your zone to you that you are adding a new DNS Server.

3.    On the current primary DNS Server, add a NS record for the new DNS Server, and on this new DNS server, create a secondary zone.

4.    Make sure the new secondary pulls all the data you expect from the primary and that you’re happy with it.

5.    Change this secondary over to being the primary DNS server for the zone.

6.    Set the old primary as a secondary. 


 Job well done.  I would advice leaving the new secondary in place just in case some records have not been propagated correctly.

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