Enabling MS Hyperv on HP DL380 G5

To run Microsofts new Virtual machine software HyperV on your HP DL380 G5, you need to enable a couple of settings in the BIOS.
After yo installed the OS and updated via windows update, go ahead and add the HyperV role in the "Manage My Server" dialog box. Now, if you try to start HyperV at this point, it will start as normal and run fine until you try to fire up your new virtual machine. At this point you will get the following error: "Hypervisor is not running" This means that your processor does not support virtualization or that it is not enabled.

To fix the issue:

Reboot your server and go into the BIOS by pressing F9. Go to "Advanced options > Processor Options" and enable these two sub-options:
"No-Excecute Memory Protection" – Enable
"Intel(R) Virtualization Technology" – Enable
Save with F10 to save and exit.

Go back into Windows and start up your HyperV console. The error should now be gone.

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